10 Signs of Transmission Issues

As drivers near Lee’s Summit and North Town know, your car’s transmission is one of the most essential systems in your car. It makes sure the right amount of power goes to your wheels so that you can keep your car moving at any given speed.

However, many Overland Park, Mission, and Olathe drivers will find themselves dealing with transmission issues from time to time. At Volkswagen Lee’s Summit, we want to give you a look at 10 common signs of transmission problems so that you can stay safe out on the open road.

Dark Transmission Fluid

Signs of Transmission IssuesChecking your transmission fluid occasionally is always a good idea. It doesn’t need to be changed as often as your engine oil, but it still breaks down over time. Fresh transmission fluid is bright red and has a slightly sweet smell to it. If yours looks dark brown or black, you should have it changed ASAP.

Odd Transmission Noises

Because your transmission gears slowly wear down over time, you may experience strange noises as you shift gears. If you hear clanging and banging, it’s a good idea to schedule service. Keep in mind that other systems (like your engine) can produce odd noises when out of whack, so have the issue inspected first.

Slipping Gears

You should always have control over your transmission. If it’s slipping gears while you’re driving, you may find yourself dealing with a serious safety hazard. This commonly results from a lack of transmission fluid or some structural wear and tear in the transmission itself. Have it checked out before you do any more driving.

Delays in Shifting

Delays in Shifting Transmission IssuesA well-oiled transmission should be able to shift gears on a dime. If you notice your car stalling for a second or two after shifting gears, you have a problem that needs to be examined. It could be connected to issues with the transmission fluid or even a gear box malfunction, but a trained technician will need to take a look to be sure.

Surging Forward or Falling Back

If you notice your car surging forward or falling back for no reason, there’s a high chance your transmission fluid is polluted. You can try changing your transmission fluid—we’d recommend giving the system a full flush—to see if the problem goes away.

Something’s Burning

If you smell something burning, you may have an overheated transmission. It’s a potential fire hazard, so you won’t want to drive your vehicle until you can take it into the shop for some quality maintenance.

Leaking Fluid

If you’ve been noticing regular puddles on your driveway or garage floor where your car sits, something is leaking from your vehicle, and it could be transmission fluid. Have your car’s systems checked for leaks as soon as you can.

Can’t Back Up

Car Not ReversingWhen your car reaches a point at which it will no longer drive in reverse, it’s more than an inconvenience for you. This is a sign that your transmission is on its last legs, so you’ll have to have it inspected and repaired or replaced before driving again.

Car Not Starting

You may have problems with your transmission (or other major systems) if your vehicle won’t start or it takes several tries to get the engine running. Whether it’s a bad battery or transmission trouble, you’ll want to have the problem fixed right away.

Dashboard Warning Lights

If you have transmission trouble, one of the most obvious signs may be a glowing check engine light on the dashboard. Keep in mind, this light can turn on for several reasons unrelated to your transmission. Have the problem inspected before you assume transmission trouble, but don’t ignore this clear warning sign.

Schedule Transmission Service at Our Auto Repair Center

If you live in Lee’s Summit or North Town and notice any of the above signs of potential transmission issues, we encourage you to make an appointment at our auto repair center. Our certified technicians can diagnose and solve any problem no matter what make and model you drive.

Have your car fixed up at Volkswagen Lee’s Summit so that it’s ready for the roads of Overland Park, Mission, and Olathe once again!