Can the ID. Buzz Be Used for Van Life?

July 11th, 2022 by

interior view of the VW ID Buzz van, with yellow interior accents and the backseats folded down

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Are you a modern nomad? Is your dream to hop from town-to-town partaking in adventures on the road as you travel the interstate to parts unknown?

We’ve all had that wild aspiration to seek out the best food, drink, and sights that booming cities and tiny hamlets have to offer. If this sounds like you, then maybe you’re familiar with the term van life.

Think of it like RV life, only scaled down in size. It’s when you live in a modified van that is outfitted with basic amenities that are needed for driving, sleeping, and living in a vehicle. The most advanced versions of this idea include a bed, sink, toilet, and stovetop for cooking meals. Although this may sound impossible, we can assure you this is definitely a thing people are doing.

Although it is a bit of an adjustment for anyone unfamiliar with extended travel, van life is a culture that calls out to those looking for the ultimate road trip adventure.

Naturally, this begs the question: “Can the upcoming VW ID. Buzz be used for van life?”

What We Know About the VW ID. Buzz – The First All-Electric Van from Volkswagen

The VW ID. Buzz is both an homage to the past and a commitment to the future in terms of sustainability and offering vehicles that are carbon neutral. For those that have been keeping an eye on VW and its vehicles for a while, the ID. Buzz is reminiscent of the Type 2 Microbus from the 1970s, but with an ultra-modern spin on it.

The VW ID. Buzz will be the first all-electric van that goes into mass production from Volkswagen. Although it has been previewed at multiple car shows and by trusted automobile bloggers, not much about the VW ID. Buzz is permanently set in stone. Much of what we know is based upon speculation and through glimpses of what we’ve seen in previews.

According to the information that we have right now, what we can say for sure is that the VW ID. Buzz will provide drivers with 260 miles of range on a single charge. However, that is subject to change, especially if VW decides to go with a dual battery model. That would significantly improve the driving range, making it an ideal fit for van life.

A couple other things that we know is that it will be a net-zero carbon vehicle, and it will provide plenty of room within the interior for passengers, cargo, and upgrades intended for van life. The trunk area of the VW ID. Buzz is huge. Those who are wanting to outfit it with a sink or other modern conveniences should have more than enough space to do that. It’s really a matter of how much a person is willing to invest in modifying their van.

One quick tip that we’ll offer about van modifications: don’t do anything you can’t easily undo. When it comes time to sell your van, it might be difficult to find a buyer who wants those types of “van life” modifications. Making modifications also might affect your Carefree Coverage warranty, so make sure you’re mindful of that.

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