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It’s no secret that the air here in Lee’s Summit can get a little warm at times. That’s why we want every driver to have a working A/C, so that what would normally be a nice drive doesn’t turn into a hot, sweaty, and miserable trip. At Volkswagen Lee’s Summit, we provide A/C recharge services for when you’ve run low on refrigerant, and we’ll make sure the A/C won’t leak or have any problems after we do it.

Inspecting Your A/C for Leaks

Before we recharge (refill with refrigerant) your A/C, we want to make sure that the refrigerant we put in doesn’t just come right out again. After injecting a fluorescent gas dye into your A/C, we can use UV light to identify where the leak is coming from and then isolate the part or parts that need replacing Once those are replaced and there’s no sign of a leak, we can go ahead and fill up your A/C to the right pressure of the refrigerant.

We Use OEM Parts to Replace Faulty or Worn Parts

We prefer to use genuine Volkswagen parts whenever we remove a faulty part from your car. This is because OEM parts, which are sourced directly from Volkswagen, are tested for safety, performance, and quality. They’re the same parts that were designed for your car’s year and model, so you can know for sure that they’ll fit and function well in your car. We love the confidence and peace of mind that an OEM part gives, and we want you to have that same confidence and peace of mind in our work.

A Quick Explanation of How A/C Works

A/C harnesses the chemical properties of refrigerant to make the air in front of your fans cold. It starts with the compressor, which pushes gaseous refrigerant into a liquid. This process releases heat, and so the next step is to run the liquid through a condenser, cooling it down while still maintaining pressure. When this pressure is finally released into a non-pressurized chamber, the liquid turns to gas and sucks up the heat in the area, and that makes the chamber it’s in and the air around it cold for your A/C, all while recycling the refrigerant for another round of phase changes.

Come to Volkswagen Lee’s Summit for Your A/C Recharge

Our experts are ready and waiting to find out what’s stopping you from enjoying a nice, cool drive no matter what the temperature may be. You can trust our certified technicians to give you their very best, so set up an appointment online today!

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