National Success for Missouri Dealer Driven by a Simple but Powerful Formula

February 15th, 2020 by
by Volkswagen Lee’s Summit

Volkswagen Lee’s Summit has been the #1 Volkswagen dealer in Kansas City since its first year in business. An instant success story was unlikely for a non-domestic manufacture in the Midwest, but Jeff Davis, the Director of Operations for Volkswagen Lee’s Summit, was undeterred and set out to grow Volkswagen’s marketshare consistently and quickly.

Relentless Dedication and Team Focus

“We have a formula for success that started as a motivating advertising slogan but quickly turned into our path to success,” says Davis, “‘Ready, Set, Go!’ To me that means we’re all ready to give everything we’ve got every chance that we have. I expect my service and parts departments, as well as my sales, finance, and accounting departments to be driven, focused, and dialed-in every single day.”

It is because of this precision and relentless dedication, Davis believes, that Volkswagen Lee’s Summit has surpassed all the other Volkswagen dealers in Kansas City and is currently ranked #13 in the Country for Volkswagen new car sales.**

Volkswagen Lee’s Summit also sells more new cars than any other new car dealer in their area, even leading the market ahead of Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Ford for two years running.+

“The passion of our team is definitely one of the top reasons for our success,” says Davis. “We have been so fortunate to have hard-working, loyal, people who have all become family at Volkswagen Lee’s Summit.”

Award-Winning Customer Service

Volkswagen Lee’s Summit was recently awarded the rare and prestigious Wolfsburg Crest Club Award for the fifth year in a row, for excelling in volume sales, market penetration, and customer excellence in 2019.

In order to be considered for the Wolfsburg Crest Club Award, a dealer must meet the very top-level standards in various areas, with the expected benchmarks for earning the award going far beyond sales effectiveness. Requirements also include excellence in such areas as customer engagement, service and parts, operations, and facility standards, VW Academy employee certification, and integrity in dealership finances.
“We are so proud of these accolades from Volkswagen,” says Matt Ottosen, General Sales Manager. “We want people to know that when they choose Volkswagen Lee’s Summit they’ll get the right price, the right treatment, work with the best people who will do everything they can to make sure they get the right car and have an amazing experience. And when they come in for service and parts, it means they’ll be treated the right way there for the life of their vehicle!”

Volkswagen Lee’s Summit is one of the few VW dealerships in the country that have won the Wolfsburg Crest Club award five years in a row!

Volume Pricing and Good Deal Promise

Another reason for Volkswagen Lee’s Summit’s success is their volume pricing and good deal promise. Rather than sell hundreds of cars for a larger profit, Volkswagen Lee’s Summit would rather sell thousands of cars for less profit. Why? Because lower prices mean customers will come back. In this scenario, all parties benefit. Transparent pricing is key to Volkswagen Lee’s Summit success as a dealer.

Plus Volkswagen Lee’s Summit offers a 3 day car exchange guarantee – if a customer wants to change their vehicle for any reason, they can exchange it for another one within three days of purchase.

“We love this business,” says Ottosen. “The joy of helping someone get the right car is unbeatable. Our sales team loves helping people buy their first car or get financed when everyone else said ‘no,’ or just saving people money because their interest rate was too high. We want our customers to have the best selection, at the best price possible, and then come back and service with us until they’re ready to buy again. We don’t want to just be a one-time dealer, we want to be their dealership forever.

*Based on VW retail reports 2014-2019.
** Based on 2019 Current Year To Date Sales Rankings by Volkswagen of America
+From Urban Science Data Hub Shared Sales ranking 2018-2019.