How to Drive Safely in Your New Volkswagen This Winter

September 8th, 2022 by

driving in winter

And How to Select the Best Volkswagen Car for Tackling Snow and Ice

Winter weather driving in Missouri is no joke. We get all manner of snow, ice, and sleet along with sub-zero temperatures. It’s also worth mentioning that, statistically-speaking, winter is the season in which car accidents are most likely to occur. Some of that is due to drivers who are not accustomed to winter weather driving. Some of it can be blamed on the cars themselves.

For instance, a rear-wheel drive hatchback outfitted with summer tires is likely not going to perform very well in four inches of snow. Chances are, a car like that will become immobilized due to lack of grip and weight. Even with the right car, such as a VW Atlas Cross Sport or Tiguan, you still need to exercise best winter driving practices to ensure you won’t become a liability out on the road.

To give you a refresher, we’ll cover some of our top driving tips along with which Volkswagen cars are our best for traversing a Missouri winter.

#1 – Always Make Time to Thaw Out

When winter driving, you want your vehicle to be in the best condition possible. This means entering the fold with a warm engine and your windows as clear as possible. A great number of car accidents happen due to lack of visibility, so make sure you set the defrost to full blast and scrape the ice off those windows. Don’t forget to heat up your steering wheel and your seats for additional comfort.

Allow your vehicle to warm up for at least 10 to 15 minutes before exiting your driveway. If you get a new VW for sale, it should come with remote start so that you can remain comfortable within your home until it’s time to drive.

#2 – Make Sure You Have the Right Tires

If this is your first snow rodeo, make sure that you switch from your summer/all season tires over to winter tires before the first snowfall. Winter tires are specially designed to provide traction and grip on surfaces that are covered in snow and/or ice. This is especially important when taking on curves, turns, and while applying the brakes. Winter tires also use a different type of rubber that is more resilient to subzero temperatures.

Own a VW and need to upgrade to winter tires? Set up an appointment with the VW service center today to get that process started.

#3 – Don’t Forget to Switch Over to Snow Mode

If you bought a new VW for sale – specifically, an SUV – it comes with a handy feature known as Snow Mode. While your Volkswagen is engaged in Snow Mode, your vehicle will signal the transmission to upshift earlier in its power cycle. This means that your VW SUV will get better traction and grip in traditional winter conditions.

Should you hit a particularly tricky section of snow or ice, your Traction Control System (TCS) will kick in to reduce the power to the affected tires and redistribute it so you regain traction. TCS is great for sections of road covered in black ice or other slippery hazards.

#4 – A New VW for Sale Comes with 4Motion AWD and IQ.DRIVE

Further upping the ante, a new VW for sale comes with 4Motion with Active Control all-wheel drive as well as IQ.DRIVE. 4Motion Control AWD measures the speed of each individual wheel multiple times per second. In the event a sensor predicts slippage or loss of traction, 4Motion Control AWD will engage and send up to 50% of the engine’s power to your rear axle. This allows you to instantaneously regain traction. In fact, most drivers don’t even notice the system kicking in.

IQ.DRIVE is a full suite of driver assistance features that are made to make winter driving safer. It includes:

  • Travel Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Active Blind Spot Monitor
  • Rear Traffic Alert
  • Front Assist
  • Emergency Assist
  • Lane Assist

#5 – Remember to Dial Things Back

Having the right tires and all these safety features doesn’t mean much unless you practice good winter driving habits. What do we mean? Driving slower. Turning and merging slower. And braking much sooner than you normally would. Treat the entire driving process with kid gloves. Most winter driving accidents happen when someone thinks they can still go full speed on the interstate and suddenly need to stop.

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