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Electric Cars Plugged In and Charging at Sunset

How to Kill the Clock When Charging Your VW Electric Car

To even consider switching over to a VW electric car is a huge step in the right direction.

If you haven’t already heard, the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale was the winner of the 2021 World Car of the Year Award. Drivers and reviewers alike love its future-forward design, comprehensive feature package, and its power and handling. Getting a VW electric car shouldn’t mean compromising the driving experience. In fact, it should elevate it.

One of the big things that drivers love about the VW ID.4 is never having to pay for gas ever again. Considering that gasoline costs over $4 per gallon in certain parts of the country, there’s never been a better time to go electric. All that money you’ve been spending at the pump can go right back into your budget.

However, there is one challenge for consumers when it comes to switching over to an electric vehicle. We’re talking, of course, about charging. Since you will no longer be able to gas up at the pump, that means you’ll have to make a slight adjustment in your routine to maintain good battery health.

Before we delve into that, let’s talk a little bit more about the battery of the VW ID.4 and the different charging station types.

VW Electric Car Battery Info and Charging Station Types

Just like anything that runs on a battery, the Volkswagen electric car for sale will need to be recharged from time to time. The VW ID.4 uses an all-electric powertrain featuring 82-kWh battery pack, which makes it one of the more powerful batteries in the EV market. You will be able to drive up to 260 miles on a single charge. If all you’re doing is commuting and running errands in the Lee’s Summit area, you should have more than enough battery life to get you through the work week.

However, you’ll need to charge up eventually, so it’s best to get familiar with your charging station options now. With a 9.6kW charger, you’ll be able to get about 10 – 15 miles after a 30-minute charge. The more powerful 25kW charger will provide 30 – 50 miles after a 30-minute charge. Finally, with a DC Fast Charger, you’ll get about 180 miles after a 30-minute charge.

As you can see, no matter which charging station type that you select it will require some waiting on your part. But why wait when you can multitask? The following are the top ways that you can kill the clock while you wait for your VW electric car to charge.

#1 – Watch an Episode of TV

Chances are you have at least one streaming service subscription. If you happen to be at a charging station with not much to do around you, fire up your Netflix account and take in a show. By the time the credits roll, you should have more than enough battery to get back on the road.

#2 – Go to an Appointment

We’ve all got appointments that we need to attend every now and again. Maybe you need to get a dental cleaning or get your yearly eye exam at the optometrist. Whatever the case may be, try to use it as an excuse to recharge your battery. Many offices and strip malls feature at least a couple charging stations on their lot.

#3 – Charge Up While Getting Fit

If you’re following your doctor’s orders, then you’re getting at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day. That could be going on a jog, attending a spin class, or doing some weightlifting. If you happen to have a gym membership, then you may have noticed that they have charging stations in their parking lot. Use your workout as an excuse to replenish your VW electric car’s battery health.

#4 – Grocery Shopping

Every family needs groceries, and grocery stores happen to be one of the most popular locations to install charging stations (see also: Target and Walmart). The next time that you hit the store to stock up on food, hook up your VW ID.4 to the charging station. There’s nothing better than knowing you have a full fridge and a full battery.

#5 – Get Some R & R

Enjoying some “me” time is critical in a high stress world. The next time that you get a massage, do some shopping at the mall, or enjoy a coffee and a good book at a café, take it as an opportunity to charge up your battery.

Need help finding a charging station near you? Check out the PlugInAmerica.org site for a real-time map of charging station locations.

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