Volkswagen Comparisons

On the hunt for a new car to spice up your commutes? Once you begin your search for the perfect option, you’ll soon discover that your choices are almost limitless. With so many different makes, models, trim levels, and features to explore, you might find that you need some help narrowing in on the best choice for you. To help you out, our team here at Volkswagen Lee's Summit has compiled a selection of Volkswagen comparisons, all of which can be found right on this page. Simply locate the model in which you’re interested, and click through to see how it matches up with its toughest cdidnompetition.

Jetta Comparisons

2019 Jetta vs. Chevy Cruze

2019 Jetta vs. Hyundai Accent

2019 Jetta vs. Kia Forte

2019 Jetta vs. Mazda3

2019 Jetta vs. Subaru Impreza

2018 Jetta vs. 2018 Ford Focus

2018 Jetta vs. 2018 Toyota Corolla

Tiguan Comparisons

2018 Tiguan vs. 2018 Honda CR-V

2018 Tiguan vs. Nissan Rouge

2018 Tiguan vs. Subaru Forester

Atlas Comparisons

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Honda Pilot

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Ford Escape

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Ford Explorer

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Jeep Cherokee

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Subaru Ascent

2018 Atlas vs. 2018 Kia Sorento

Passat Comparisons

2018 Volkswagen Passat vs. Ford Fusion

2018 Volkswagen Passat vs. Honda Accord

2018 Volkswagen Passat vs. Mazda6

2018 Volkswagen Passat vs. Subaru Legacy

Golf GTI Comparisons

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI vs 2018 Volkswagen Golf

Find Your Volkswagen

Whether you’re looking for a capable SUV, a large family vehicle, or a small little commuter car, there’s an option for everyone to discover on our lot. Each of our comparisons takes one of those models and directly compares it in a head to head match up with its competition. You’ll be able to compare the vehicles side by side, so you can see which offers the features that you most need for your commutes around Lee’s Summit, North Town, and Overland Park.

You’ll take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of what each car has to offer under the hood and inside the cabin, learning all the subtle differences that make each one unique. With all this information conveniently compiled in this one location on our website, you’ll find that your research process is quick and convenient—so you can get behind the wheel much sooner.

Volkswagen ComparisonAtlas Image

Each of our comparisons presents a wealth of information to educate you about your vehicle options. Inside, you can expect to learn about:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Engine power and performance
  • Modern technology features
  • Safety ratings and features
  • Seat and cargo measurements

All these little details can add up to make a big difference to your daily drives, so you don’t want to overlook anything before you decide on which vehicle you’ll purchase.

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