The Best Automotive Features to Look for When Shopping for a New Car

July 18th, 2022 by

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And Where to Find Great Deals on New Cars for Sale in Kansas City

Most new car buyers have a few key items that they keep top of mind when they’re shopping for cars. For some, the name of the game is storage capacity, which puts them squarely in SUV territory. They won’t even look at a sedan, so we show them vehicles like the VW Atlas and the VW Atlas Cross Sport. For others, it’s all about fuel economy, agility, and speed. In that case, we would probably recommend the VW Jetta or VW Golf GTI.

Of course, when searching for a Volkswagen near you, it can be easy to forget about the variety of little perks that come with them – the feature package. It’s the features that make a car enjoyable to drive, not to mention more convenient and safer for you and your passengers.

To highlight some of our more impressive features, we’re going to break down the top three to look for the next time that you’re shopping for new cars.

#1 – Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great little feature that rolled out some time ago, and that allowed drivers a more relaxed experience behind the wheel when cruising along the highway. You should know how it works by now: you get up to the speed you want, activate cruise control, and then sit back and steer the vehicle. It’s great for drivers and even better for fuel economy.

However, it wasn’t until recently that cruise control got a major bump in its functionality. We’re referring to, of course, adaptive cruise control. It’s the same concept as regular cruise control with one distinct difference: if the car in front of you slows down, your cruise control will adapt to match its speed.

This saves drivers the hassle of having to hit the brake and then readjust their cruise control once the vehicle in front of them starts clocking a steady speed again. It comes standard on all late model VW vehicles.

#2 – VW Voice Recognition

You got to love voice recognition applications such as Siri and Alexa from Amazon. They make life infinitely easier, especially if you have your hands full and need a quick response on something. These voice assistants have changed the way that we ask for the weather or check our daily calendar.

So, it’s about time that we took this feature and adapted it for automobiles, which is exactly what VW has done with their voice recognition software. It’s a natural move when you think about it. Here at VW, the goal is to make driving as safe as humanly possible.

The VW Voice Assistant allows for drivers to initiate phone calls, ask for directions, change the radio station, and adjust the temperature in the cabin – all completely hands-free. This feature is available on select VW vehicle models.

#3 – Forward Collision Warning/Avoidance

Nothing is more important to the driving experience than safety. This is why VW engineers work tirelessly to invent safety features that keep drivers protected behind the wheel. One of their most recent breakthroughs is forward collision warning/avoidance.

It works like this: if you happen to be at risk of hitting the person in front of you, the feature activates and will emit sound, flash lights, and potentially modify the tactile feel of your steering wheel or brake pedal. This is known as forward collision warning. In the event that collision is imminent, the emergency brake will be automatically applied without the need for human intervention.

For those instances where split-second decision-making is crucial, VW is there to assist drivers who aren’t quick enough at hitting the brake pedal. It will save countless lives and prevent tons of vehicle damage.

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